Sensible Shoes

Living in one of the ‘Ten Places in Europe You Never Thought You Could Afford’ can be a challenge. Imagine everything in your local supermarket, everything except for the cotton buds, had doubled in price and you get the picture. We are vegetarians now most of the time, and we do everything by foot.
But even expensive cities have things for free. Here it is water, for example. Everywhere in the city are so called Brünneli, water taps in the shape of a urinal with drinking water for humans and animals. Parsley too can be for free, at the Oerlikon market, but for that one needs to buy vegetables up to a considerable amount of money (but then again, one has spent a considerable amount of money before one can say ‘Wiie bitte?’ in Schwyzerdütsch). Other herbs (ramsons, burnet, thyme) can be found along streets and in the surrounding hills.
So when I read about a free wine tasting at the lake, I put on my sensible shoes and walked. It being a beautiful day I imagined a considerable crowd of wine lovers and the tinkle of glasses and happy laughter. The Bürkliplatz seemed deserted though, and the only people I saw were eating a sausage at a Wurstbude. But at the bandstand about five people had gathered, and they were sipping wine alright. Two wines were being presented: Akkurat Rot (red) and Akkurat Weiss (white), Akkurat being the name of this new brand of Staatskellerei Zürich, for sale from half June at around CHF 15. The name stands for an honest wine for daily use. That so few people had bothered to come might have had to do with the ‘spontaneity’ of the event, only advertised on their own website.
It would be a bit of a bore to say that these wines are made accurately. The red is a Pinot Noir of which one third is matured in oak. That results in an almost sweet, juicy wine with red berries and a little vanilla on the palate. Not really to my taste, but if served cool surely an agreeable ‘Apéro’. Its white counterpart is a blend of RieslingxSylvaner (=Müller-Thurgau), Muscat and Pinot Noir. Zippy, citrusy (pink grapefruit) with something exotic. Would not only do well as an aperitif, but could also accompany a meal, e.g.,  of fried white fish or roasted chicken.

If you want an impression of this ‘pretasting’, click here. For some reason no photographs of me have been selected. The sensible shoes, probably.