Bergheim (Alsace)

Chez Norbert/La Bacchante (hotel/rest.), 9 Grand’Rue, T 0033(0)38973311
Last visit: 2014
Last visit indeed, alas. Though the website is still on air (June 2015), Chez Norbert is closed. Why? I don’t know. In past tense: Reasonably priced beautiful hotel, good restaurant (regional dishes and fish), mouth-watering wine list (Sabine). They did recognize you after three visits. Breakfast alone was worth a detour.

Gustave Lorentz (winery)
Last visit: 2002
For more than decent wines, though no longer at the old chap’s home, tasting Rieslings under the smoke of his cigar, but in a modern visitors’ centre.

Marcel Deiss (winery)
Last visit: 2004/2005
Vins de terroir by a slow food member.

Gorgoloin (Burgundy)

Brasserie De la Paix (rest.)
Last visit: 2001
Simple but good food. Elizabeth David would approve.

Ladoix-Serrigny (Burgundy)

Les Terrasses de Corton (hot/rest.), T 0033(0)380264237
Last visit: 2002 (lunch)
More luxurious than it appears from the outside. ‘No sandwiches’, we were warned by the suspicious hostess who relaxed when we ordered tête de veau.

Rorschwir (Alsace)

Rolly-Gassmann (winery), 1-2 Rue de l’Eglise, T 0389736328
Last visit: 2013
They let or even make you taste the whole bunch in dark concrete cellar. Black plastic bucket functions as a spittoon. Great wines, sweet style.

Saulieu (Burgundy)

La Borne Imperiale (hot/rest.), T 0033(0)380641976
Last visit: 2001
Good food, good wine (Clos Saint-Denis on special grand cru table. Were we, simple tourists, sure we meant this wine?), bit unpersonal hotel, rooms okay, beautiful terrace and garden.


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