Käselust (shop/pub), Pontstrasse 6 (near Rathaus), T +49(0)2414017449
Last visit: Dec. 2006
Great choice of cheeses from all over Europe, for sale or to eat upstairs for lunch with grilled vegetables accompanied by a glass of German wine. A.o. Bavarian Obatzer and two varieties of Austrian Bergkäs (smelly and very smelly, no doubt).


In every town, especially in main railway stations: ‘Bratwurst’ (pork sausage), always served with a roll. We risk missing (international) trains to get one. The ones I favour are Krakauer and Thüringer.


Brasserie Hülsmann, Belsenplatz 1 (Oberkassel), T +49(0)21186399330
Last visit: May 2013
French-German cuisine presented in small type on A4. Business itself is equally full. Wine list on the other side is European oriented (mainly French). Portions are German (wine and food, so do share your starter). No reservations but worth a try.


Farmer’s market at Konstablerwache (Thursdays and Saturdays)
Last visit: 2005
One of the very few reasons to visit Frankfurt’s centre (life takes place in the quarters around it). Lots of good vegetables, goat’s cheese, bread, sausages. Very good choice of herbs for one’s garden. Not to be missed: the wines and sekts of Weingut Rollanderhof.

Mosebach (restaurant), Sandweg 29 (U4, Marianplatz), T +49(0)694930396
Last visit: 2010(?)
‘Immerwährende Handkäs’,’ good food and equal German wines (reds too). Interesting mixture of normally excluding atmospheres: ‘gutbürgerlich’ and arty. Nice backyard.

Zur Sonne (pub), Berger Straße 312 (Bornheim), T +49(0)69459396
Last visit: 2004
Traditional Ebbelweikneipe (cider pub). Order a home made cider (sauer gespritzt = with mineral water) and eat a ‘Handkäs’ mit Musik’ (soft yellow cheese; mit Musik = with vinegar and caraway). If you’re less adventurous: they also serve a good ‘grü’ Soss’ (Frankfurter speciality: green sauce, made of seven herbs and served with boiled eggs and potatoes or boiled meat) and an excellent ‘Schlachtplatte’ (pork sausages from freshly slaughtered animals; we even loved the black pudding). Large garden with wood tables where street vendors sell Bretzel.


Vinothek Schneider
Last visit: August 2014
Husband and wife wineshop. We have never been in the shop, but visit their stand on Höxter’s small but well-equiped market every summer. Mrs. Schneider is already expecting us. They proudly present Fritz Haag’s Rieslings (and rightly so) and have a decent choice of French wines too. If you stay in Höxter for a little longer, you might try (if you’re a female) their Frauen-Weintreff (Ladies Wine Get-together).

Saulheim (Rheinhessen)

Weingut Rollanderhof (wine grower)
I tasted some off-dry (this is Germany) sparkling wines in all imaginable colours and tasteful Rieslings. You can find them on every market in Frankfurt/Main, but if you have a car and a few hours to spare, why not drive by and see something of the country.