Preface for Europeans, Or: Let’s Not Call the Whole Thing Off
Other countries, other languages, traditions, habits, ways of doing things, you name it. Sure, you know all that. In general. You are aware of the fact that Americans speak English, but drive at the right side of the road, that the 4th of July is a day off and that the World Series is an exclusively North-American baseball championship. It’s the little things that take you by surprise. The fact that nobody will ever take your coat in a restaurant (just drop it over your chair), that the check is presented before you even considered leaving (in more upmarket restaurants you may take your time, in simpler eateries they might let you feel quite past your sell-by date), and that even so, you are expected to tip 20% of the sum before taxes. Don’t be offended. These are the customs of the country.

Erwinna, PA

Golden Pheasant Inn
Last visit: October 2014
Adjacent New Hope has more to offer in choice and noise, but less in serene tranquillity. Pleasant view over Delaware (river and canal) fringed by (in this season coloured) trees. On the three course Sunday brunch menu a.o. eggs in a dozen ways (e.g., Benedict, Florentine). Drivers may want to add orange juice to their complementary glass of sparkling wine (or drink no sparkling at all).

Lititz, PA

Stargazers Wine Shop, 26 East Main Street
Last visit: November 2014
I couldn’t believe my eyes. A non-state wine shop? Yes, belonging to Stargazers Vineyard & Winery. For shopping and tasting. The Arneis is quite something.

Philadelphia, PA

Di Bruno Bros
The Italian Market shop is still thriving, and so are several others in Philly. Gourmet shopping with a full wallet. Excellent choice of cheeses and other delicatessen (no wine of course, this being Pennsylvania).

Farmer’s Market at Rittenhouse Square
Every Saturday till 2 pm (but maybe not during the Winter)
A small market but everything you need, except for cheese (but there is a Di Bruno Bros nearby). They made me like apples again. Blue Mountain Winery’s from Lehigh Valley, PA stocks a decent Cabernet Franc.

Four Rivers, 936 Race Street
Last visit: November 2014
Homely? Not really. Friendly? Yes. Food any good? Chopsticks up. Delicious.

Parc, Rittenhouse Square
Last visit: November 2014
Described to me as the Disney version of a French brasserie by someone who likes Disney. Less adventurous but more than pleasant location for eating out. Buzzing from breakfast till dinner. Wine list offers French wines and their ‘international interpretations’.

Plenty Café, 1602 Spruce Street
Last visit: November 2014
No links with Ottolenghi as far as I know, though they too make excellent macaroons. Best coffee (European style) in town. Spouse got nearly knocked down by their double espresso after two months of the indigenous watery stuff.


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