Catch of the Month (Feb/March 2015)

I am not much of a smartphone addict nor an app fetishist, and no one would be interested in my ‘first screen’, but I’ve started using a wine app, and proud of it. As I do not want to share my tasting notes with the world unless I choose to do so via this blog, I favour Wine Notes. It’s a US centred app (American wineries are the first to pop-up) that enables me to type down my notes and take a picture of the bottle. I am still undecided about my tactics concerning the scoring system. No ‘BBBBW Points’, therefore.

Here are a few notes, rather ad random.

Il Fait Soif 2013 (Domaine Gramenon/Maxime-François Laurent), 13,5%vol., € 13,95
Red naturally made Rhône wine consisting of Grenache (80%) and Syrah (20%). ‘Diablement fruité’, the red berries jump out of the glass. In the mouth they are accompanied by earthy tones and some tannin. Light-bodied, not light-hearted. When the weather is thirsty, but very drinkable on rainy days too.

Regent Barrique Feinherb (Michel Schneider), 11,5%vol., ca. € 7

I should have been warned: Feinherb and only 11,5%vol. Somehow I tend to forget that German ‘feinherb’ does not mean ‘subtly herbal’, but ‘medium sweet’. First impression oddly was that of alcohol. Did an okay job with Ottolenghi’s polenta with mushrooms.

Vosne-Romanée Malconsorts 1er Cru 1991 (Domaine Thomas Moillard), 13,5%vol., € 5

If ever there was a catch: bought in a junk-shop for an incredible € 5 (not by me), this 24 year old Burgundy from a well-known house was still as fit as a fiddle. Okay, the colour, still dark-red, had developed a brownish shade and its fruitiness had faded, but only to make way for a deeper, complex taste. Paired with Toklas’s smothered pigeons. Still licking my lips.