To Tell or Not to Tell?

Before I had time to formulate the question, Spouse had solved my dilemma: ‘Do not say a word!’, she hissed, and though with regret I obliged. We were dining at a Middle Eastern family run restaurant in Amsterdam where they serve great mezze and decent mains (it’s the mezze you go for). I ordered the ‘Chateaux (old) red’, to which our soft-spoken waiter reacted with his thumbs up. He brought a bottle of Clos St. Thomas Rouge Les Emirs 2010, poured us a glass and left to wait on other guests. I can live with that, depending on the restaurant, and this one simply is not the kind that treats wine with any ceremony whatsoever. But it was corked. No doubt about it. And I said nothing. ‘He would not understand, leave it be,’ Spouse begged.
At the end of the evening the boss asked us if we had liked the wine. An educational opportunity we grapped with both hands, explaining about corked wine, meanwhile playing down the damage in our bottle. Did he have to throw away all bottles, he asked alarmed. But we assured him it was probably only this one that was infected. We will be sure to check that in due time.